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Mobile warehouse app for SAP Business ByDesign

Modern mobile scenarios have radically changed the world. Consumers search, shop and execute complex transactions in a way that even a 3-year-old kid could do. Why don't you simplify your backend-processes, too? Make your business smarter with hybrid cloud-solutions by all4cloud:
scan4cloud is the app that will change the process velocity in your warehouse and production plants.

More satisfaction working in the warehouse with scan4cloud and SAP Business ByDesign.

Clever is the one who uses automated processes to relieve the workload of his employees. More than 150,000 users worldwide rely on SAP Business ByDesign. Do you already benefit from the full potential for your warehouse management? Watch the demo and find out!

​What's in for you?

You will learn more about solutions for digitization and automation in your warehouse. You will learn from concrete examples of how you can use then in your warehouse - to reduce administrative overhead and give employees more fun at work.​

Watch our short and entertaining introduction video and find out how:

mobile warehouse app scan4cloud on scanner and smartphone

scan4cloud runs on multiple devices. You may use ...

  • All Android-enabled mobile scanners with touch display
  • All Android-enables smartphones
  • Wearables (e. g. finger scanners)
  • Bluetooth support makes (almost) every external device usable
  • Prerequisites for the operating system: Android 4.2 and higher
Detlef Aden, all4cloud

Detlef Aden, all4cloud


We are happy to provide you with more information material or, if you like, schedule an appointment with you. You may also request a trial. So far, every company that requested a trial bought the app afterwards. Why wait?